Based on the new antimicrobial conception: human and microbes should coexist harmoniously, Dr. Xing Wang, focuses on the research of antimicrobial chiral polymers and developed a chiral antimicrobial strategy. The chiral polymers were prepared with natural molecules, and showed the potential as new type of antimicrobial materials catering to the “chiral taste” of microbes. With this strategy, microbes would like to automatically leave away from material surface without adhesion and reproduction, thus avoiding the growth and spreading of microbes. The synthesized polymers stem from natural molecules, and are considered to be rational materials for antimicrobial application within full lifetime, while helpful to reduce the drug resistance in microorganism. Therefore, through elucidating the chiral mechanism, Dr. Wang opens up a new way to managing microbial behaviors. He has also set up many new visual methods for antimicrobial evaluation, which is promising for practical application. The results have demonstrated the wide promising application of this kind of material, such as in the fields of textile, medical devices and sanitation, etc.